Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blog Day Time

So it's time for another Blog Day, and with it the dilema - which blogs should I recommend?
Last year I tried focusing on new or unknown blogs (unknown to me, that is) - I'm not sure I'll use the same criteria this time.

  1. Ken Egozi's Blog - C# development blog (over 300 posts as of yesterday)
  2. My 25% - A comic strip about working in the Israeli HiTech industry.
  3. 10x Software Development - Did you liked the book "Code Complete"? Think of this site as a more up-to-date summary of the book.
  4. Maor David - A recommended blog dealing (mostly) with Visual Studio Team System.
  5. Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog - Probably the #1 source of information regarding WCF.

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