Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WCF UDP multicast channel performance

After creating a custom UDP mulitcast channel using WCF I ran some tests. I used this sample data contract class:

string Name
string Description
ushort Id
double X
double Y
double VX
double VY
uint Flags
DateTime CreatedTime
DateTime UpdateTime

Benchmark Results:

  • Max amount of sent objects per second using 100mbit hub (using Intel 3Ghz HT CPU - not dual core): 46000
  • CPU load during peak sending - 15-25%
  • Effect of zip encoding - 50% less bandwidth with random values (probably 60-70% reduction in a real-world scenario)
  • Sending 10000 objects per second - no significant CPU load (3-5% for both apps), GC load - less than 0.5%

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