Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Using Bluetooth to build a home network

Usually I use my desktop computer to surf the web, but recently I decided I want to be able to also use my mobile computer at home, and this require network access.

At first I inquired about using WIFI access, but there is a major downside to this for me: I don't want the router to broadcast a signal while I don't need it (both to save energy and to avoid an extra EM field around the house).

So I thought about using Bluetooth:
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Cheap (50-100nis for a BT adapter for my desktop)
I usually use the mobile computer about 6-7 meters from my desktop, through a plaster wall, so that's well within the specifications. I now manage to get 150kb per second download speed, and I'm writing this post from the laptop.

I had few problems establishing the internet sharing, but thanks to the good manager of the Israeli broadband forum at Tapuz I found an excellent guidance document for configuring ICS.

Highly recommended, even for non-Hebrew speakers (as there are screen-shots):
  1. Setting the server for WinXP (desktop)
  2. Setting the client for WinXP (laptop)

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