Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tech Ed Israel 2008 lectures for English speakers

Although TechEd 2008 Eilat (Israel) was mostly aimed towards Hebrew speakers, some of the lectures were given by English speaking Microsoft employees.

You can find additional information (as well as download links) for the following lectures here: Tech Ed Israel 2008 lectures for English speakers

  1. A Lap Around Visual Studio 2008 IDE and VB 9.0
  2. ADO.NET Data Services Framework - aka Project Astoria: REST data services for the Web
  3. Building Composite WPF Applications Using Project Codename - Prism
  4. Building Rich Internet Applications with ASP.NET AJAX and Web Client Software Factory 2.0
  5. Consuming and Creating RESTful Web Services with .NET
  6. Go Gold with Silverlight 2.0
  7. Hyper-V Architecture and Scenarios with Demos
  8. Implementing Workflow Enabled Services and Durable Services using .NET Framework 3.5
  9. Introduction to F#
  10. Introduction to the ADO.NET Entity Framework
  11. Making Your Phones Ring With Software + Services
  12. Putting The User Back Into Architecture
  13. Scale out your applications with Windows Communication Foundation and Windows HPC Server 2008
  14. Sharing Assets Between the .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework
  15. SOA, S+S, and Microsoft: A Perspective
  16. SOAP/WS-* and REST: Complementary Communication Styles
  17. The New Windows Threadpool
  18. The Perfect Pattern Storm, when TDD meets UX and MVP
  19. Understanding Software + Services
  20. Windows Server 2008 Kernel Architecture
  21. Windows Server 2008 Overview
  22. Windows Vista for Managed Developers: Besides .NET Framework 3.x

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