Monday, October 22, 2007

Blondes have more WCF

I went to a “Fundamentals of WCF Security” lecture by Michele Leroux Bustamante (dasBlonde) from IDesign, which came after a full day seminar given by her at Microsoft Israel.

Michele is an IDesign Chief Architect, Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems and hold a long list of additional titles. She specializes in training, mentoring and high-end architecture consulting services focusing on scalable and secure architecture design for .NET, federated security scenarios, web services, interoperability and globalization architecture.

The event was a joint venture of 3 user groups, and attracted many participants - so many the organizers had actually to dismantle the wall separating two lecture halls and merge them into one.

The event started a bit late due to traffic, and than about an hour of WCF fundamentals due to request from half of the audience. Personally I think it was unnecessary, since I suspect this intro was too complex (too fast compared to the normal "ABC" approach) for people with no WCF knowledge, and boring for those with prior knowledge.

The main part involved covering security principles, different approaches and the cost for each of them, and many hands-on samples, and was much more interesting. It was also followed by a short Q&A session, but the audience was exhausted at this point (unlike the speaker - incredible energy), so not many questions were asked.

I recommend listening to her 15-parts webcast series, and you can find the code/slides from the lecture here.

My favourite quote: "I don't blog very often, I'm not Scott Hanselman".

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