Friday, August 31, 2007

One developer, 2 servers, over 50 millions page views each day - using ASP.NET

I have read Oren's post, in which he writes (again) why he thinks Asp.Net is a bad web platform.
I have been reading about various tools like Ruby or MonoRail and people promoting over using simple Asp.Net.

Coincidentally, I have recently listen to an Arcast episode with Markus Frind, the founder of

This dude is the only employee in the "company" (acting as the developer, architect, CEO, janitor, etc), running the web site on two servers from his home. He wrote the site as a programming exercise.

And why is he using Asp.Net?
"Well I use ASP.NET now because it’s trivial and easy and gets the job done. There is just so much to learn out there and every six months it completely changes. So I stuck with what I knew, used it a lot, and I’ve gotten really, really good at it. "

It's beyond me why Microsoft doesn't make him their spokesperson for their platform.

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