Saturday, May 26, 2007

Caution: This blog contains personal opinions

It seems Oren's jab at the P&P team (see previous posts here and here), especially their CAB framework, is becoming quite an issue in the blogging community.
It led Sam Gentile to write an angry post and Oren to reply twice.

Sam repeats my question to Oren: why rewrite CAB and not NHibernate?
Oren's response to that question was simple: he would rewrite CAB because to him it's painful to use, while NHibernate is not.
I like the fact he doesn't even give pretence of being objective - he doesn't like CAB.

Some developers may find NHibernate painful and rewrite their own custom and lean ORM solution, some may do the same for IoC framework like Castle, and some will rewrite CAB.

Sam may agree or disagree with Oren, but I do think he takes the argument too seriously.
Oren is a very opinionated guy. He either likes something or hate it. This approach tends to draw fire (metaphoric) from other bloggers, but it's still his personal view and his personal blog.

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