Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Writing OSS relieves pain

Oren explains that what causes him to write his own solution instead of using an existing one is the pain the existing solution is causing him:
What can I say, I have a Pavlovian conditioning with regards to software, I tend to avoid software that cause me pain.
Removing pain points will make you a better developer, period.

If pain is what causes you to write your own code to replace existing code, pain is an individual thing.
Oren finds VSTS painful, while others don't. I'm sure some find CAB painful, while others use it. I guess Oren's involvement in several OSS project shows a low pain threshold, a good thing for the rest of us :)

I do find it a little disturbing to see a new programming languages coming out every year due to the fact (I guess) some developer found existing languages to be painful.
And I agree with Patrik Löwendahl's comment to Oren's post - I have seen too many developers write their own code because they considered looking for existing solutions and learning them to be painful.
I also agree with Udi - the P&P team releases much more than CAB or service factory, and no one is obligated to use it. Overall is enriches the developers community.

BTW, Both Oren and Chris chided me for using the term "post war".
When I used it, it was more in the context of "war games" than "violence and killing people", since as a discussion evolves it contains moves and counter moves.
Sorry if someone got the wrong impression.

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