Thursday, April 5, 2007

List of TFS tools on CodePlex

Buck Hodges wrote a post listing all TFS tools currently on CodePlex.
I tried dividing his list to categories:

Guidance & rules:
Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance
TFS Code Comment Checking Policy (CCCP)
TFS Code Review Workflow

Team Foundation Server Administration Tool
Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool
Team Foundation Server Manager
Team Foundation Command Line GUI Suite
TFS Management Console

TFS Work Item Explorer
TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser
Scrum Explorer

Automaton (Automaton is a Continuous Integration engine optimized for Team System and Team Builds)
Delete TeamBuilds
TFSBuildLab (simplify the day to day operations when using automated builds)

3rd party interfaces:
TFS Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET
VSSConverter GUI
Jira2Tfs (utility application to import JIRA issues)
Migrating from Subversion tools

Turtle (free, open source client for TFS)
TFS PowerPack (set of tools for clients using the TFS server)
TeFoSe.Net (Client GUI with extended functionality)

TFS Quick Search
TFS Follow Branch History Add-in for VS
TFS File Sync
Team Explorer Extensions
TFS AddIn - CheckOut and Get Last Version

Time tracking:
Team Foundation Time Tracker
VSTS Time Entry

System tray apps:
TfsAlert (System Tray application which monitors for subscribed TFS notifications)
Fissum - A TFS tray icon client

Custom Controls for TFS Work Item Tracking
RDdotNET (framework for building a service orientated community site)
BHAL Project (customizable orchestrator for managing Teams)
TeamPatter (TFS integrated messaging tool)
TFS Proxy add-in for visual studio .net 2005
Team Foundation Server - Project Moving tool
Team Foundation Work Item Paste Attachment from Clipboard


Ianklych said...

Could I also add LizardTF ( to this list? It's rather like Tortoise SVN, uses shell extensions and the TFS APIs and has bespoke diff/history/merge tools.

Adi said...

Looks like an interesting client for the TFS.
What are the differences between it and the build-in explorer (for someone not familiar with Tortoise)?

Ianklych said...

I've put a list here (so as not to fill these comments with my ramblings): Differences between LizardTF and Team Explorer.