Sunday, April 13, 2008

Startup Weekend - Lessons learned

Arik asked few questions after my last post on the subject, so here are answers and additional comments.

1) We chose NHibernate over LINQ because while classic ORM is about seperating the user from the database structure, DLINQ is about creating an easy interface to the database inside the user's code. I don't want to write "Select" queries in code - I want to work with classes.
2) We used Picasa and not another storage service for our photos, since it was easier to implement. We chose it over Flickr because the larger storage offered for free. We may choose another service in the future.
3) Apparently using GoDaddy's services for a web application involving reflection (used by NHibernate) is a mistake - we ended up moving to another host.
4) While we still use Youtube to store videos, the upload process requires the file to go through the site (meaning increased traffic, and traffic is limited by the host). This is due to the fact we need to log in to the service, and this can't be done through the user's browser for security reasons.

The site is up, but with very limited functionally. We are still working (in our spare time) to implement all missing features as soon as possible.

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