Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Responsibility 2.0

Recently a privacy issue concerning web 2.0 was raised, as a new Twitter service called "GroupTweet" caused private messages to be published for everyone to read due to a misunderstanding of the system.

However, I do appreciate the response of Aaron Forgue, the person behind GroupTweet (taken from the site):

  • This is NOT a privacy bug with Twitter. I apologize for any negative voodoo I've pulled down on them. Their service works great and there are no privacy issues (that I know of). Please direct your hatred at me!
  • There are no known bugs or privacy issues with GroupTweet as long as you create a separate Twitter account for your group.
  • The reason that a particular GroupTweet users' direct messages were exposed is because she registered her PERSONAL Twitter account at GroupTweet. The site was doing exactly what it was supposed to: taking direct messages sent to the GROUP account and re-publishing them as tweets. When the personal account was registered here, direct messages sent to the account were republished. Unfortunately, these were not meant to be republished.
  • I am 100% at fault for this fiasco because I did a poor job of explaining the steps one needs to take to use GroupTweet. I sincerely apologize
  • I WILL BE DISABLING ALL GROUPTWEET ACCOUNTS. The only way I can ensure that this doesn't happen to anyone else is to disable all accounts. If you are sure that you are using GroupTweet correctly and would like your group re-activated, simply email me or re-register (once I turn the form back on)

So what did we see here?

  1. Clearing Twitter's name (originally Twitter toom the blame).
  2. Taking a complete responsibility.
  3. Disabling the service until further "accidents" may be prevented. (the site is back now)

How many companies / people do you know who would have behaved this way in Aaron's place?

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