Friday, April 4, 2008

Live Blogging from Startup Weekend, day two

The morning began with an Israeli breakfast (bread, cheese, vegetables), and than to a discussion about how/what to implement.

The chosen idea from yesterday (suggested by Maya Klug) is a time bank application (something like, maybe combined with videos (each member creating a short video detailing what he/she is willing to contribute).

There are about 50 people here, and the group is about equally divided between technical people (developer and similiar) and bussiness people (bizdev, etc). Many people here are entrepreneurs themselves.

The main discussion so far was about creating a web site vs. a Facebook application, and the decision was to create a web site combined with a Facebook application.

From the developers perspective, we chose using ASP.NET (majority of the coders know it), SQL server (express) as a database, and creating a 3-layered (DAL, BL, pages renderer) application (web server).

We'll try implementing the DAL using NHibernate, connecting to Facebook using the MS Facebook toolkit, and using Youtube API for the video management.

As from today there are other bloggers, you can read the comined blog at the project's blog page, and there is also a Twitter page.


Adi said...

Read the previous post in this series

Arik said...

I suggest you to consider using ASP.NET MVC - can give you a real productivity boost.

Adi said...

Of course, and the same goes for Boo and Castle Windsor, but with a single weekend to create a working application we must consider the available knowledge.