Thursday, April 3, 2008

Live Blogging from Startup Weekend (2)

First a clarification: Netwise is donating the office space, but is not the company organizing the evnet. The event is being organized by several private people who encountered the idea (no, it was not invented in Israel) and decided to organize it.

After some delays the event finally began. The founders started with an introduction, basically explaining "what" and "how" of the event, and than they introduced firms that helped with the creation of the event, among them Netwise, IBM (GTU group) and a small startup called "Sharp mind solutions" (developing games aimed to boost personal attributes).

And than people started giving short presentation of their ideas.

So far most of the ideas come from the area of web 2.0 and revolving around the word "share", but I haven't heard many unique idea so far, but there are few gems in the suggestions. The audience (the rest of the group) is participating with the idea owner with questions and suggestions.