Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Hebrew blogging the new Zionism?

Guy started the debate by calling Israely bloggers (and the platform) to write in Hebrew to encourage the creation of professional resources addressing the Hebrew reading crowd.

I disagreed by stating the fact I like to share my knowledge with the entire world rather than just sharing it with Hebrew readers and Omer agrees with me.

Tamir contributed to the discussion in his own unique way, demonstrating the frustration a non-English post can cause to English readers (and assuming I understood the translation he is basically saying "write in whatever language you feel comfortable with")

I would like to address Guy's second claim, saying the site should be used to encourage Hebrew blogging (and that English bloggers have alternatives such as Blogger and Wordpress).
Blogger and Wordpress are excellent platforms, but if I want a blogging site focused on IT blogs, they are wrong for me.
The unique thing about the site is that it's an aggregator for IT professionals, and unlike the MSDN blogs site - most of them are not Microsoft employees.
I think this is unique and would not like to close this special community to the rest of the world.

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