Sunday, September 9, 2007

XP and Scrum

In one of the companies I worked at I introduced TDD into the development cycle.
This was not done as a part of adopting it as a part of a complete methodology, but as a singular concept.
Later, when the company switched to Scrum, we also incorporate ideas like daily build (you don't have to go all the way to continuous integration) and simple designs, but never as partial concepts from the XP methodology.
I read Jeremy Miller's post about the combination of Scrum and Extreme programming, and I think the reason Scrum as a complete methodology is more accepted is that there are some concepts in XP that tend to scare people (like pair programming), while Scrum a more of a natural evolution of the work process.
As Jeremy wrote, both methodologies cover different aspects of the development cycle, but I think that while people will keep adopting specific ideas from XP, Scrum as a complete system will be more successful.

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