Saturday, August 4, 2007

Podcasts review #1

I decided to publish a review of podcasts I listened to recently. I usually download a bunch of them every week or two, so I don't necessarily listen to them in the order in which they were broadcast:

  • Recording of the Churchill club panel with Guy Kawasaki on "No Plan, No Capital, No Model...No Problem" - a talk with 5 entrepreneurs who lunched companies without VC funds or business plans, and some of them (James Hong from "" and Markus Frind from "") were incredibly successful (maybe because of it). Highly recommended. (5/5)

  • Hanselminutes show 70 with Timothy Ferriss of The "Four Hour Workweek" book - Lifehacker style tips regarding concentrating on completing important missions. Most of the ideas in there are common sense ("avoid e-mails while trying to work on something"), so I'm not sure how effective those ideas are. (2/5)

  • Arcast with David Platt on "Why Software Sucks" - Explaining common mistake in software design in terms of bridging the gap of usability perception between the developer and the user. Platt is very entertaining and enlightening. (4/5)

  • Channel 9 on Catharine van Ingen - as a commenter defined it, it's more of a "mini-biography", so it all depends on how much the person in focus interests you. (1/5)

  • Channel 9 show with Rico Mariani - Same type of show as the previous one. I'm more familiar with his work, so it held more interest for me, but I wouldn't define listening to it as a must. (2/5)

  • Hanselminutes show 72 on becoming a better developer - discussion of recommended activities and techniques to improve the professional skills of a software developer. Most of the ideas were already discussed in various blogs and other podcasts, but if you are relatively new to this type of discussion, you should listen to it. (4/5)

  • .Net Rocks show 244 on Aesthetics - another show focusing on UI, focusing on the look & feel of the application from the user's point of view. Scott Stanfield is worth listening to even if the subject doesn't interest you. (just skip the first 12 minutes to get to the actual interview). (4/5)

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