Saturday, July 7, 2007

TV 2.0 web sites

We all have a TV show we like to watch. Nowadays it's also common for every show to have it's own mini web site. Here is what the "classic" site usually contains:

  • About the show
  • Episodes guide
  • Characters guide
  • Cast guide
  • Message board
  • Downloads (wallpapers etc)

But new commercial sites are emerging for leading shows.

Take "Heroes" for example - they site also hosts graphic novels (comics), fans wiki site, interactive games running simultaneously with the current episode (while it's aired), fans art show, and a number of "fake" sites seemingly originating in the show's world (Heroes had a show for Hana Gitelman asking viewers to help her hack into the rigged elections system to stop it)

"The 4400" also began it's 3rd season, and you got diaries of characters, web 2.0 community system, and 3 related sites, advocating for, against, and about Promicin (it's a fictitious drug the show revolves around, causing you either to die or develop superhuman abilities).

It's a different concept, of not having the site as an information point, but as an entity on it's own. I wonder what's next in this evolution (Actually the show "Battlestar Galactica" already aired a web-only-series between seasons)

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