Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recommended tool: VAC system

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) system is an application which resides in your system tray, and uses the Microsoft speech recognition engine to convert voice commands to keyboard commands.

Since I watch my TV playing stuff originating from the computer, which is in another room, remote control is an issue. I guess I could get some kind of a remote control (IR or BT), but it's another remote to use, charge and maintain.
So I started using this application to simulate keyboard click on the 'C' letter, to play/pause my BSplayer application.

The language recognition took few tweaks at first, due to the engine confusing words said on the screen with my command phrase, so I had to go back to the engine's training sessions and perform several more on top of the one you do after the initial installation, but now it works greats. (and it costs only 10$)
Now I only need to replace the cheap microphone I'm using with something having an on/off switch (wouldn't want some hacker to be able to listen to me chatting with friends, after all).

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