Saturday, June 23, 2007

Improve your digital photos

How many times you saw an advertisement featuring a model who's photo got improved by photoshop experts?
Now you have this option available to you, through the FixMyPhotos web site, allowing you to upload your picture and pay (1.5-10$) for enhancement of the photos.
Some things, like gamma correction and cropping is easily achieved using a common software, by removing things like pigmentation takes greater skill.
I got the link from Guy Kawasaki's blog - just take a look at work they did with his picture.


Karen Ellison said...

I tried this service for my CV photo and then for some family pictures. All came out great!

Now we can all look perfect, at least as long as we don't meet each other face to face. LOL

Adi said...

Thanks for the info Karan, it's always good to get more than a single review of such a service.