Monday, June 4, 2007

Brent Carlson SOA Presentation

I went to a presentation organized by SRL and delivered by Mr. Brent Carlson, CTO and co-founder of LogicLibrary, on "New methodologies and governance in SOA implementation".

The event was well-organized, and the Mr. Carlson focused on explaining how to avoid SOA becoming ABOS (A Bunch Of Services), by managing (governing) the process of creating those services and making sure the organization re-uses it's pre-existing resources.
Of course the presentation led to the Logidex application, with which the governing mentioned above can be done. It seems this is relevant to very large organizations, not medium and small companies.

Although he gave me some ideas to consider, I was missing two things:

  1. An actual demo of the Logidex product
  2. How it fits with TFS (I got the impression it takes over "higher functions", using TFS as a plain source control solution)

I looked around, and found a webcast from 2004 explaining the product itself, an article containing some of the material he presented, and what looks like a previous version of the presentation.

I took a couple of photos, but it seems my cell's camera can't handle semi-lit rooms very well.

Update: Arnon's post regarding the event reminded me one of the key ideas from the presentation - you should think of each service as a complete product, which users/customers etc.

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