Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What do you do for the environment?

Yosi wrote a post after watching "An inconvenient truth" (shown again in Israel this month), telling how he was affected from the movie.
What I did for the environment:

  1. Replaced most light bulbs in the house (mostly those without dimmers) with economic light bulbs (which consume 20% power compared to a normal light bulb)
  2. I try to recycle waste (a big problem in Israel)
  3. As a fan of light drinks I recently got a home soda maker, making me consume soda without consuming plastic bottles.
  4. I try to each less meat
  5. I tried to avoid buying imported food (which consumes more energy due to transportation)
What do you do for the environment?

Here is another short movie explaining the environmental issue:

I also recommend watching the documentary "Crude Impact - Peak Oil Documentary".

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