Friday, May 4, 2007

Silverlight - not so great?

I have been reading many posts on the new Silverlight technology from Microsoft, as it seems almost every Asp.Net web developer is blogging/podcasting about it.

It's always nice to know there is a healthy opposition out there, to point out possible problems:
"Play with your vendor-specific runtimes. Don’t call me when you wake up one morning with a pink line in the round window and your BFF vendor won’t return your calls. If you need me (but of course you won’t), I’ll be holed up in my drab unpainted toolshed around the corner, quietly building applications on the web that works."

I like the idea of building richer web sites using C#, but I can see the damage that can be done by having web sites working only with MS technology.

Justin also wrote an interesting post, showing this thing may have more to do with satisfying share holders than developers:

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