Saturday, May 26, 2007

Screen capture for testers using VSTS

TechSmith release a VSTS plugin of their SnagIt screen capture utility:

  1. Perform a screen capture with SnagIt. If desired, annotate with SnagIt’s built-in editor to clarify your points.
  2. Output to Team System
  3. Your screen capture is automatically attached to the work item you’ve selected in the file format of your choice. Add comments if you want, save and submit.

A single license costs 40$, and the price goes lower if you buy more copies.

Sounds to me like a good alternative to the usual sequence of pressing Alt+PrntScrn, opening mspaint.exe, pasting the screen-shot, saving it, and attaching it to the desired work item.

Update: Dudu Shmaya wrote a Cropper plugin - and it's free!

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