Monday, May 21, 2007

Gadgets take a lot of your time

I recently got a new Dell Axim x51v PDA, which is great, and ever since I have found myself spending countless hours trying to tweak it:

  1. It took me a little while to figure out the Wi-Fi Internet (at first I tested it in places in which the Wi-Fi didn't work), so I ended up driving around looking for hotspots.
  2. I installed iSilo reader so I can read books in PDB format.
  3. I installed a Palm emulator called "StyleTap", allowing me to run Palm utilities.
  4. I tried reading Hebrew web-sites (the PDA was purchased in the US). The installed IE failed to display Hebrew at all. The Opera mobile browser displayed hebrew characters, but left-to-right (meaning reversed). So far all my inquiries led me to believe I need to purchase a commercial Hebrew support, which is a bit expansive for someone just looking to browse the web.
  5. What consumed most of my time was trying to get the PDA and my PC to allow me to surf the web using a Bluetooth USB dongle I have. So nothing worked. After reading this post I'm inclined to think this can't be done using my current dongle (from BlueSoleil).

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