Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogs VS Social Networks

Kent Newsome wrote a post detailing his disgust from MySpace. Ayelet wrote a reply in which she claimed MySpace has it's uses.
I tend to agree with Kent.

Blogging takes effort, time and at least a little talent.
MySpace requires choosing a template.
Blogging is about sharing your view, opinions and (some times) personal life with your readers.
MySpace is about sharing links to your "friends", meaning other pages in which the only meaningful data is links to more "friends" and so on.
(Why do I use quotes? ask Samy)

If a blog is the equivalent of an autobiography, MySpace page is the equivalent of a phone book.


Blonde 2.0 said...

As I write in my post:
"I don't think my friends on the social networks know me better than those I met through my blog. If anything, those who read my writings probably have a better sense of my beliefs and values. My readers are making much more of an effort to get to know me than simply clicking on a button that says "add as friend". However some people on the various social networks have made a real effort to get to know me and those are the people that I have made strong connections with."
I agree that through blogging I have made many good friends. However, I don't agree that you cannot make an equal amount of friends on social networks. You simply need to invest more in it. Read people's profiles, learn about them, get to know them by contacting them, commenting on their posts, etc. I think that perhaps people are just not used to making the same kind of effort on the social networks as they make when reading blogs.

Adi said...

Hi Ayelet
Of course you can make friends through social networks. You can make friends by borrowing someone's cell phone and calling all his contacts.
I think that with some social networks (MySpace again) you need to do most of the work OUTSIDE the site by mails, IM, phone, etc.
In other words, the SN site itself gives very few tools to help you make new friends, while a blog gives you information on the writer on it's own.

Adi said...

Bloggers must invest more effort, while people on social networks can do it.
The result is that the chance of encountering a social network page containing meaningfull information is lower.
Blogging has a much higher entry bar than most social networks.