Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Podcasts I listen to

I like to listen to technical podcasts while I'm driving or otherwise have time while not being near a computer.

I tend to like focused shows over "talk shows", meaning I like to hear someone deliver a "lecture" on a subject with the maximal amount of data in the minimal amount of time. I don't like to listen to two people chatting with no specific direction.

Here are shows I like to listen to:

  • Hanselminutes - My favourite. Each show delivering a concise, in-depth discussion of one subject.
  • Arcast - Good shows hosted by Ron Jacobs, dealing mostly with architecture. Now with TV shows!
  • PolymorphicPodcast - Another good show, partly hosting interviews and partly explaining interesting subjects.
  • Software Engineering Radio - Interview based, focused on the interviewee rather than a specific subject.

Shows I listen to less frequently:

  • DotNetRocks - Basically a radio talk show, meaning 20% of the show is spent on the hosts chatting on non-technical stuff (usually the actual show starts after 8-10 minutes), spending few minutes on ads at the middle of the show, and the rest is spent talking with a guest on various subjects.
  • Web Dev Radio - Another interview based show. Not very focused on technology (during the show on the power-tools-book about half of the show revolved around the process of writing a book)
  • CodeSermon - A short show, but seems to me it mostly deals with the basics ("how to debug without a debugger").
  • Ask Udi - Udi Dahan's answers to questions on SOA.

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