Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New WCF books

I just read the IDesign newslater, anouncing the release of Michele Leroux Bustamante's "Learning WCF: Rough Cuts Version" and Juval Lowy's "Programming WCF Services".
According to the later, the first is for beginers to intermediate, while the second begins where the first stops, and moves to advanced topics (design guidelines, best practices, pitfalls):

"Actually, Michele’s book and mine differ a great deal. For once, I aim at the intermediary to advanced developer (not necessarily in WCF knowledge but more in general .NET system skills), while Michele targets the beginner to>intermediate developer.
But more important, my book focuses on the system side of developing WCF applications, that is, what happens after the wire, while Michele covers also what happens on the wire, and the required interoperability techniques."

Oren Eini wrote a review of Lowy's book basically warning beginners from buying it, although I disagree with some of his comments (I see no problem with specifying both XML and C# code, since I remember many people had trouble doing the switch during the beta).
Tad Anderson wrote another review on this book.

As for "Learning WCF", you can get a feel for the book yourself here.

There is also a third book, not from IDesign members, called "Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation" and it's reviewed here.

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